Spirituality and childbirth book is now published


Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spirituality-Childbirth-Meaning-Care-Start/dp/1138229415

Spirituality and Childbirth: meaning and care at the start of life

Co-editors – Susan Crowther and Jenny Hall

Publishers: Routledge: Taylor & Frances Group

This unique book  draws upon a variety of disciplines gathering a myriad of perspectives such as midwifery, anthropology, psychology, hermeneutics and other sources in a style that is innovative which will engage you the reader and invoke reflection on aspects of birth normally taken for granted, ignored or left silenced. In doing so the art and meaning of childbirth will be surfaced and contribute to deeper understandings and appreciation. The book  draw attention to the beginning of life; a poignant human journey that holds meaning and significance within and beyond current maternity care systems.

There is considerable literature on spirituality at the end of life (i.e. Hospice care, palliative care, chaplaincy for the dying) yet there are no books that draw together global academic researchers and practitioners who have an interest in spirituality at the start of life. Although Dr Jenny Hall (co-editor on this book) has previously published ‘Midwifery, mind and spirit: emerging issues of care’ in 2000 we felt there was currently no other professional book covering spirituality in childbirth. Jenny and I share a passion about this aspect of childbirth and saw a real gap in the published literature that needed to be addressed and the idea was born for this joint project.

Whats in the book?

Drawing on a body of published, unpublished research, and the unique perspectives of the editors and 10 chapter authors from around the world and different disciplines this  book which will interest all those involved in childbirth. The book contents focus on spirituality in and around childbirth/start of life from a variety of thought provoking perspectives about how 21st century childbirth is considered. The book brings your attention to the spiritual significance of childbirth and confront you with the apparent paradox of biomedical-technocratic systems and the lived experiences of meaningful encounters that often stir all those involved. This book  provides a voice to these often unspoken experiences. The book thus acts as a service to childbirth by bringing knowledge into felt knowing through the act of gifting this meaningful text.

An outline …

  • Recognition of spirituality at the start of life (mother, baby, family, community)
  • Spiritual care in maternity care provision
  • Exploring the notions of holism and spirituality
  • Spiritual experience of all those involved (health care professionals and non-health care professionals)
  • Birth as bringing meaning and purpose to life
  • Childbirth significance at societal level
  • Birth environment, mood, space and place
  • Exploring the notions of culture, religion and spirituality
  • Spiritual experience when birth is complex and challenging
  • When birth and death are juxtaposed
  • Provide a source for further research, future collaborations, and practice approaches
  • Provide a reference for health care professional and non-health care education enhancement

Follow the progress of the book here and on Twitter @spiritbirthbook  #spiritbirth


Forward: Professor Lesley Page

Section 1: Setting the context
Chapter 1: Introduction (Authors: Susan Crowther and Jenny Hall)
Chapter 2: Childbirth as a sacred celebration (Author: Susan Crowther)
Chapter 3: Material Culture, Ritual, and Art in a Philosophy of Birth (author: Anna Hennessey)

Section 2: Spirituality and the childbirth year
Chapter 4: Pregnancy and the unborn child (Author: Jenny Hall)
Chapter 5: Childbearing as a meaningful experience in women´s lives and the role of healthcare professionals (Author: Ingela Lundgren)
Chapter 6: Pregnancy loss and complexity (Author: Joan Lalor)
Chapter 7: Holding sacred space in labour and at birth weaving presence consciousness and guardianship. (Authors: Celine Lemay and Carolyn Hastie)
Chapter 8: Women and partners spiritual experiences at birth (Author: Jenny Parratt)
Chapter 9: Spiritual Obstetrics (Author: Alison Barratt)
Chapter 10: Growth and renewal in the aftermath of a traumatic birth (Author: Gill Thompson)
Chapter 11: Spirituality when a newborn is unwell (Author: Silvia Caldeira)
Chapter 12: Parenthood and spirituality (Author: Jose Miguel De Angulo and Luz Stella Losada)

Section three:Pulling the threads together – “There is just something going on at birth!”
Chapter 13: Conclusion/discussion – (Authors: Susan Crowther, Jenny Hall)


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