Making a sacred space for birth

What a lovely tender blog, a blog full of practice messages that gesture to something that dwells both within and beyond the experience of being in and around birth. A sacred quality that touches us as well as we touch it. These ‘guidelines’ speak of sheltering something holy that needs safeguarding so it can continue to be in all the places we provide maternity care.
Best wishes to all families and midwives and medical staff who are so privileged to be touched by this sacred quality.


This blog is inspired by the women I have cared for as a Midwife and also the wonderful Spirituality and Childbirth book book by & Dr Susan Crowther and Dr Jenny Hall . The women I have met and cared for in my midwifery career have helped me to invent new ways of working for and with them.This experience has shown me that in order to achieve a special birth experience we must be connected with the woman . The value of approaching each woman with a different perspective but the same professional compassionate values regardless of their mode of birth is the core of individualised care .

It’s taken me all my midwifery career to reach this point and I am still evolving.

Making a sacred space for women and birth is something that we should all consider as midwives. How many times do we enter a room of…

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2 thoughts on “Making a sacred space for birth

  1. Interesting.
    I suspect those are all the assumptions you started out with.
    What you found was the sacred can be amidst the very ordinary ☺

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